Wednesday, November 05, 2008

I can't believe it!

From the Nouvelle Observator, a poll:

Barack Obama élu président des Etats-Unis

c'est historique

c'est incroyable

c'est fantastique

Nombre de votants : 502 Votez !


Dano MacNamarrah said...

If this state can vote for Obama, along with the majority of the country, then there is hope.

We may be on the path of redemption. The world may actually rekindle their admiration of us. We may be the country we should be.

Oh and best? Cricket and II won't be moving to Canada. So we can watch Oliver grow up and be his aged aunties.

Thank Baby Jesus, the prophets and all those who gave their lives for this moment in time.

Sam Simpson said...

I know, I know! AMAZING! Hey and also- if you're free tomorrow, come over around 6:30 for cupcakes of jubilation! I'm so glad I don't have to make cupcakes of despair. (I'm not sure how those would have tasted anyhow- bitter, for sure, salty from the tears and then they'd probably have been charred from the flames of the apocalypse..)