Friday, November 28, 2008

Rule #1: Do not drool on the game board.

Forget reading my blog. Go read BibliOdessey's post on old board games. It's so beautiful.

Check out these images, stolen from their post. Ohhh la la.

Information and larger images and more incredible board game images are over on BibliOdessey's post. Go there right now. Did I say oooh?

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


I just put a new piece on the website: it's called Structure, and you can see larger images here.

I put lots of details on the site, so it should be pretty easy to read most of the text in the piece by clicking through the images if you're so inclined. Here is my favorite detail.

It says, "Are you a repeatable result?"

In this one The moth (a tobacco budworm moth, of course), says, "Let me tell you about my childhood."

I recently had a meeting with Nina Katchadourian, who is a fabulous artist and also a curator at the drawing center. She asked me about the way I used morning glories as symbols. I answered a little vaguely- morning glories are a complicated for me. But tobacco budworms are not. Those guys are artists.

Friday, November 07, 2008

Dance, baby, dance!

That video of everybody at city hall made me realize that I have to learn the electric slide. If you don't know how to do it either, you can watch this video and groove. The lady with the cane is my favorite.

I love dance videos. I also found a really fun video that teaches the cha cha slide, which is probably familiar to middle schoolers worldwide but is new to me.

And then there's this guy. Who is so beautiful. The way he can't move, but yet does, so gracefully.

I found him because I was searching for that other elusive wedding dance, the Alley Cat. I can find a country western Alley Cat, but I want the one with the cat paws that Thom's relatives all do at weddings. The only hint of it on youtube is here, in this strangely beautiful grey video of some event, somewhere, at some Knights of Columbus Hall.

Of course that just made me want to Polka.

And these guys, who are so cute, do not do it the way I want it done.

Okay, I love you again Philly.

Max Lawrence, who is a fabulous artist by the way, had the presence of mind to go to city hall on election night, where he got videos of people doing the electric slide and making the world's longest conga line around the block. Me, I just wobbled drunkenly down the street and yelped out the door a few times.

More here, here, and here.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

I can't believe it!

From the Nouvelle Observator, a poll:

Barack Obama élu président des Etats-Unis

c'est historique

c'est incroyable

c'est fantastique

Nombre de votants : 502 Votez !

Saturday, November 01, 2008

If you don't have a note from your doctor, you are no longer allowed to be an artist.

Peter Saul. Laylah Ali. Sue Coe. Enrique Chagoya. Jane Irish. Daniel Heyman. Art Spiegelman.

They were all at PAFA today. And about 30 people showed up.

Philly, I hate you.

Lynda Barry got a crappy audience here too. WHAT THE HECK IS WRONG WITH US?!?!? I know there are many smart, funny, interesting artists in Philly! And Peter freaking SAUL is in town! WITH Spiegleman! And Laylah ALI! And although it may be permissible not to know who Enrique Chagoya is, since he's really huge on the west coast, he's a freaking genius, and DANG! Sue Coe! Everything she does is great! It was like international art genius day in Philly and nobody freaking showed! They all talked about their work and took questions and then hung around and chatted afterwards. Yup. HUNG AROUND AND CHATTED.

I got Peter Saul to autograph a catalog for friend and he drew a little self portrait in it! I lent Spiegleman and Sue Coe a pen! Laylah Ali admired my baby, who is also close personal friends with Spiegleman! This was all very cool, but it should not have been possible! These people should have been mobbed by fans! Where were the 1026 people? Don't they know Peter Saul is their god? Where were the 10 million grubby art students in the city? Where were the suckups? Where were the faculty from our three local art schools? Where was everyone under 50? ARGH!

WHY, when freaking Larry Gagosian was in town at Penn last year, did they have to open another room with a video silmulcast to accommodate all the people? If people know enough to go see Gagosian, who was depressing as HELL by the way, why aren't they smart enough to come see Peter Saul? And even if they're too prissy to like Peter Saul, they should be able to get behind Chagoya or Laylah Ali, who both make totally elegant work. NOBODY from my esteemed art school showed up, and that is lame. You know who was there? Charles Burns. And the artblog ladies. And Sarah McEneaney.

Why? Why? Why? Did someone poison the candy corns? Did the Pabst run dry in Pennsylvania, so everyone went to Maryland?

(If you're reading this and you're not in the art world, these people are about as good as we get. Peter Saul is like our Robert DiNiro or somebody. Maybe Redford. The rest of them are Hellen Mirren, Judy Densch, Paul Giamati, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. Gagosian is like, oh, Michael Eisner.)


Enrique Chagoya (Sorry, I don't have a title.)