Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Spring update and news

Two of my pieces are up right now in Gallery Joe's Bye Bye Old City show in Philadelphia...It's a short exhibition, but it's beautiful, and it shows many of the incredible artists that Gallery Joe has supported over the years. The show closes on May 16th, and the gallery will be sorely missed in Old City. They've been wonderful to work with, and I especially love being in this show because they hung two of my favorite pieces.

A Promise is a Promise.
(This is an etching I made with the wonderful help of James Stroud at Center Street Studio.)

You can also check out several of my newer pieces in the flat files at Pierogi Gallery in Brooklyn. I'm delighted to be included, and you can see a few pieces online at Pierogi as well.

I've also seen a ton of great art lately. Some of the best of it was done by my friends Anda Dubinskis and Dino Pellicia, who have a show up at the Philadelphia Episcopal Cathedral. It's the most unlikely space for contemporary art ever, and also a very difficult space for work: it's got beautiful stained glass windows and serious architecture and looks, frankly, like it would eat most contemporary art for lunch. But not theirs. Dino's underwater whirlpools in the baptismal font are incredible, and Anda's drawings are amazing. I'm waiting for someone to find and promote Anda's drawings into the stratosphere: they're gorgeous, but they need to be seen in person: they're huge, and the scale doesn't translate online. 

I wish I had more time to blog, because I saw some fantastic exhibitions in Philadelphia recently. Drawn with Spirit, the Fraktur show at the Philadelphia Museum's Perleman building was a revelation, and equally amazing, although different, is Judith Tannenbaum's exhibition Framing Fraktur at the Philadelphia Central Library. That show is a knockout, and again, it's in a space that can be tricky for art. 

I also can't get over the Peter Blume show at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts. I saw it the day before it closed because I happened to catch a really great talk about the precursors to the Chicago Imagists given by the curator, Robert Cozzolino. I didn't think I was terribly interested, but I was sooo wrong. Holy crow! Peter Blum, people! 

I'm also so pleased to be included in this amazing project: Artists In the World