Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Slithering in the studio

 I've made a bunch of huge new pieces that I finally managed to get on the website today. This is a snake from my last show:

Samantha Simpson, Innocent Snake #1

The new pieces have snakes too.

Samantha Simpson, The Thing Is, The Thing Is

Samantha Simpson, Evolution Aside

In this piece the snake says, "But we are so alike" and the swan replies, "That's hardly the issue." Tiny text in the background says,"These beauties have always been hard on their admirers." The title refers to the fact that some dinosaurs had feathers. I think of the snake and the swan as relatives whose ancestors made different choices, on some level, long ago.

Samantha Simpson, Spring Wind

Around the time I made this piece I had a great studio visit with Adelina Vlas, who suggested that I try a larger piece without text. Below is the quietest piece I've been happy with in some time.

Samantha Simpson, Mortal Coils