Saturday, August 09, 2014

Lots of new work- and ciao ciao!

I have been working hard in the studio for months trying to meet a deadline: I was asked to make a whole bunch of small work in six months- but I only had four months. So I worked like a fool, and I made twelve new pieces. And then the gallery had to postpone the appointment- which turns out to be great, since I felt like I hit a new stride right at the end of the four months with these two pieces, and now I have more time to make things at a slower pace, which I like. If you click these images you can see details on the website, and there are links that will take you to the rest of my new work.

Given All This, Ink and watercolor on paper, 30"x22", 2014

Still, Still, Ink and watercolor on paper, 30"x22", 2014

I really want to write about the text in this piece, because there are lots of funny details, but I have to pack. I'm going to Rome! I love Rome. A curator I know said that there was a long tradition of artists going to Rome and having their heads explode- it's true. The city is full of exuberant Baroque art, and the standard for exuberance is radically different in an old quaker city and an ancient catholic one. Being surrounded by Berminis, Borrominis, Michaelangelo, and Caravaggio- and all their thousands of imitators, all of whom were also amazing- changed my art forever. To say I'm looking forward to it is a massive understatement.

So this blog update is necessarily tiny- but there is lots of new work on the website, and in four months there will be work from Rome..