Monday, August 31, 2009

Rome baby!

I'm in Rome now, and every day I see more amazing art than I can possibly write about. I have thousands of pictures and tons of great stories and I'm completely in love with about a million things a day. Today? A fragment of a giant foot that was on the grass near a restoration in progress that's taking place off of the Appian Way. There's another giant foot fragment in Rome that's on Via dei Piedi or something- this is not that foot. That's good too, but that's a human foot. This one was about three feet wide and well, see for yourself.

I'm working on a new large drawing and have done a few small ones, but those will be posted later. For now, though, some random pictures of things I love in Rome. Not even close to a complete list.

Bernini's Bee Fountain

and his elephant. Pretty much everything Bernini is great, including his buffi baffi. This elephant is outside of the church called Santa Maria Sopra Minerva. Which I also love, not least because its name translates as "St. Mary on top of Minerva." Because it is. The old temple to Minerva is underneath it somewhere.

Why fake what you already have? This is in that same church, and it's reeeeaaaalll....

These ladies are on the top of the National Museum of Modern Art.

And this guy, whose name I think is Mithrades, is in the Vatican.

Another fountain, this time outside the Villa Borghese, which you can look up if you want to understand this fine simile: as pigs are to mud, Sam is to Rome.