Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Atlas moth! Peacock spider!

I'm stopping the huge piece I'm working on to make some small pieces- I can't stop thinking about an atlas moth that just hatched this weekend in the butterfly room at the Academy of Natural Sciences. The volunteer working the room this weekend told me that atlas moths get up to a foot across and come out of their cocoon without mouths, which means they only live for three days. "Some people wonder what is the use, three days," she said, "but they serve as food for other animals."

This phrase is ringing in my ears. I'm going back to draw the moth and talk to the full time butterfly guy today- Atlas moths are incredibly interesting creatures. It turns out they live for about two weeks as mouthless moths, sustained by the fat of their caterpillar lives. They eat lime, guava, willow, cinnamon, poplar, avocado and tea... They are full of implications. Even their caterpillarhood is exciting. You can see their video here...

And in the wormhole that is youtube videos of bugs, I found out about the Peacock Spider, who drove me to blog despite the fact that I want to get to work. Because you have to see this guy.

It's a courtship dance.