Sunday, July 26, 2009

The Infant Asterios

In the process of working on my big book project I made a very tiny book that I'm selling online at Quimby's for a whopping $7. Quimby's is a fabulous bookstore and they were nice enough to feature my book this week on their home page. If you want one you can get it here.

These images are pages from the book- I'm pretty sure that the cover image is larger than actual size.

Asterios is the name that Minos gave to the Minotaur when he was born. The minotaur, in case you're not up on your classical monsters, was the son of Minos and Pasiphae, a sorceress. Kind of. You can look it up. I would explain, but I'm going to Rome any minute now and unless I get about fifty things done in the next week I'm going to have to exchange my plane ticket for a one way ticket to crazy town.

Quimby's doesn't stock too many copies of the book, so if you want one and they're out I'd appreciate it if you'd comment and let me know. (These tiny minotaur books are in stores for a limited time only! Get yours today! )