Friday, May 08, 2009

I must not blog! (I blog.)

I'm still busy like a bee working on the big artists' book project and my etchings and I've also been doing a series of very small drawings that I'm excited about. I'm using colored magic markers in addition to the ballpoint pen and I'm loving it.

But I'm not going to post images of those yet. I'm bringing them to Gallery Joe first, and (first rule of bad blogging) I'm trying to avoid posting too much so that I can concentrate on getting more art made.

It should be easy to decide not to post to my blog, but being in the studio making a lot of work means, for me, listening to a lot of podcasts, which makes me want to blab about them. I've found some great ones.

The Philadelphia Free Library has a podcast of their author events, several of which are amazing, especially this one by Lynda Barry. I went to this event, and it was a hilarious, brilliant talk: I think everyone should listen to it. But I'm bossy that way.

Marilynne Robinson and Etgar Keret & Rivka Galchen were also good, but I would advise people to lay off the Salman Rushdie, Nanci Pelosi or Joyce Freaking Carol Oates. If you listen to hers don't say I didn't warn you.

Another great podcast that has taken me through hours of scratching at my etching plate with a tiny tiny needle is the New Yorker Fiction Podcast. I love this thing. It's great. I haven't heard a bad one of these yet.

I've also just found out that has art21 episodes online Which means that even if you don't have the DVDs you can watch amazing artists talking about their work for free online. Go hulu!

Now it's back to the studio for me. Ciao!