Tuesday, April 15, 2008


A friend of my friend, Wes Kim, has been illegally detained in Nigeria! Here's the email Wes sent:

Hey, everyone,

I wanted to let you know that Sean Porter of Swingset Film & Audio, someone who helped a great deal with the production of COOKIES FOR SALE, is part of a film crew that's been detained in Nigeria while they were trying to film a documentary. You can follow the latest developments at Northwest Film Forum's blog, but I'm sure an email to Sen. Maria Cantwell thanking her for her support in finding a quick resolution to this mess would be appreciated by the filmmakers and their friends and family.

http://nwfilmforum.wordpress.com/?s=nigeria - link to NWFF's blog with background information about the detainment and suggested text for a thank-you message to Sen. Maria Cantwell

Wes Kim

Please write a note!

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Wes said...

Thanks for posting this, Sam, although I did worry for a brief moment that *I* had been detained in Nigeria...