Wednesday, March 26, 2008


A couple days ago I finished another new piece, March.

It's on my website here. You can see bigger images there.

The tiny text says, "Can't we dig some kind of pit-trap in its path?"

When I was posting about a drawing I made last year called Scale, I wrote about my fascination with morning glory vines. I referred to them as tiny snakes, and tried to describe how, when you watch them grow, they seem almost to demonstrate a consciousness in the way they search for and grab supports. My virtual pal Justyn sent me this link to a great video of morning glory vines that shows exactly what I mean.

In this piece the morning glories are snakes, but they're also symbols of the corrosive and beautiful passage of time. Anyone who gardens in Philadelphia- or rather, any wimp who gardens in Philadelphia- knows what I mean by this. Morning Glories are a weed here, and if you are once wimpy enough to let a morning glory flower in your garden you will have 500 of them the next year. I do this every summer. I love them, and I can't resist.

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