Friday, February 22, 2008

Sure they kill you, but they also educate and entertain!

From the amazing NYPL: Cigarrette cards. I love these things. I thought about curating an exhibit of cigarrette cards, but it's probably better to look at them enlarged on the web than it would be to see them behind glass in a frame. These are from the "Colour in Nature" series. The back of each card has a little paragraph of info about each image. I've included a few card backs that I thought were funny, and I've picked the cards I liked the best. But they're all great. You can see the whole series online here.

I love that a Springbok pronks.

And I didn't even put in the three-pronged stickleback!

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justynh said...

i have an entire book filled with cigarette cards like these. they are from germany around WWII and they are all about the african colonies. not really animals so much but still interesting.