Monday, February 18, 2008

Libri Amicorum

I've discovered a wormhole in the internet. It is the New York Public Library's Digital Gallery. You must go there. But be careful!

When was reading through the descriptions of their collections yesterday I felt like I was going to come down with a case of the vapours if I didn't stop reading and take a little rest. Cigarette cards! Classic Zoologies! Medieval Manuscripts! Posters! Patterns! William Blake! Everything they have is fascinating, beautifully scanned and well documented, and there's hardly any of it I don't want to blog about. And they have 600,000 images. Really.

So. This week's little drop in the bucket? Memorials of Friendship, a book by Anne Wagner, who hung around with Percy Byssche Shelley.


You can see the whole thing here- and there's lots more to see. More fantastic images and lots of great and funny little poems and dedications. The guide to the collection is here.

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