Friday, November 03, 2006

Operation Iraqi Freedom Document Portal

I try to keep this blog focused on things that are driving my artwork, but there are some times when one loses focus. When one's vocabulary shrinks to the quickest way of expressing one's emotion. When having a public forum in which one can post a picture of McCauley Culkin at six years old with his pink hands slapped to the side of his enormous open mouth and write "OMG!!!!" over and over again seems like a really good thing. When one feels that the world would understand, and in fact needs to. I'm sure this will be all over the news later, and that the rest of the world will be doing that same face soon, but I just got the news, and I feel compelled to add my useless voice to the storm of voices that will be offerring intelligent political analysis of Operation Iraqi Freedom Document Portal soon. Which is to say this:

Oh holy crap! Can we please, please, send this administration home?

Also. If I know you and you don't vote I'm going to hit you.


W said...

Ouch, don't hit me -- I'm voting, okay?

By the way, if you're looking for someone to vote for in 2008, be sure to check out the presidential campaign for Hiro Nakamura and Betty Suarez -- vote cute in 2008!

Sam Simpson said...

Yay! One less person on whom to bruise my fist. And although I ALWAYS vote cute (single issue voter, it's just how I am), I bet that link will be a whole lot funnier after I see that show.