Thursday, September 28, 2006


Last week the Citypaper asked me to write a little piece on something I'm interested in for them. I was totally flattered, of course, and I had a swell time pretending to be an ace reporter chasing down the story of the minute. Which wasn't really that hard, since my subject was a hundred-and-something year old stuffed bird who lives in a glass case. The piece came out today in their very shiny anniversary edition, and they ran the picture I took as well. I'm as smug as a bug in a smug rug.


Anonymous said...

hats off/thumbs up to the smug rug--it looks good on you!


remis velisque said...

You just made my day! It was a horrible crappy day, but nevermore. I love Dickens, he's funny as heck, and I feel justified now. And darn happy. Thank you SO much!!

What a wonderful story you wrote!

Anonymous said...

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Sam Simpson said...

Thanks a lot, you guys!