Monday, September 18, 2006

A Genius Next Friday

I don't have time to scan and post all my new drawings! I've done a few, though, as you can see. And I finished the laborious animal drawing that got me thinking about manatees and rock hyraxes all the time. I've tentatively titled the piece Not Properly Respecting Otherness.

Man. It's irritating to see a huge drawing ensmallened on the web. Here's a detail. There's a bigger image on my site.

I'm working on another large text piece right now- they're very slow, but they're satisfying when they're done. I spent all day today carefully lettering the words "It's Not That It's So Bad to be Declarative" and "Just Because I Was An Idiot Last Tuesday Does Not Mean I Won't Be A Genius Next Friday." The latter phrase was spoken by a rock hyrax with a long ratlike tail.

These pieces are all done on cream paper, but I'll be damned if I can get the color accurate on the web. These drawings don't reproduce fabulously well anyways because there's so much fine detail, but they have a weird nostalgic engraved quality that's fun to look at in person. I'm getting this effect by using carefully selected ballpoint pens in various specific states of disrepair that I use for particular kinds of lines, and I go insane if Thom borrows one I'm working with and just, you know, writes with it.

I'll post a bunch more new drawings soon. I've made a few nice insect visitation pieces that involve bugs with striking camoflaugue. In the meantime, check out the plaid wings on the bug in the top image.


Anonymous said...

i like to use the phrase "have a seizure" for moments like the one you describe, wherein thom takes your carefully worn-out pens and actually *writes* with them.

also, i love the sound of the new works.

smooches, racconpower

riven_memory said...

a long long time ago i met someone who drew with a ball point pen. he could shade with insanely perfect graduations. it was so smooth it was crazy. i tried and could never reproduce it. and i can do fairly well with a pencil. is that the trick pens in various states of disrepair?

ruhue said...

i'm just going to go to sleep tonight thinking about the animal who changes the course of a river with sticks.

i wish we could see your work in person.

Sam Simpson said...

You guys are so nice. And WHY will stupid blogger not let me reply to individual comments? I love it when I get comments, and I want to say smooches and thanks and I want to explain about the pens- but now my comments get all mixed up, and it's like I just smooched the wrong person! MAN, technology is embarrassing.

Here is the secret of shading with a pen: it's all about WHICH ballpoint you use, and how old and leaky it is. I use these fine point pentel ones that get lighter grey as they get more clogged and darker black if they get leaky- so I do a layer of light grey with the clogged ones then put on a nice layer of darker shading on top with one that's likely to leak.

So yeah. Racoonpower is right- I have a seizure (AND a conniption) when my pens get used.