Wednesday, August 23, 2006

The way things go

I sold two drawings this week! Woah! Both of them were bought by delightful people, which is a bonus. I love selling work to people I like. It's stupid, but there is a certain feeling of giving a puppy to a good home when that happens.

I don't have new art to post because I've been working on a very large drawing for a long time. I'm in one of those slow periods that prompted me to name this blog Monkey Fur- this drawing is large enough that if someone were to ask me what I did all day I'd answer something really absurd. Today, for instance, I woke up and thought, "I'd really like to finish the grizzly bear text then figure out that damselfly's cloud" and "I have to buy a new swimsuit" and "I wish I could get to the bat part" in quick succession.

When I post pictures of this new drawing that will make sense. Except the swimsuit part. The swimsuit will never make sense. Somehow this tube of stretchy fabric that wraps tightly around my midsection has contrived to insult every section of me it does not encase. And it didn't do this a year or so ago, when there was far more of me to encompass. I'm going to visit beachy people this weekend, so in addition to finishing the grizzly bear text, the bat section and the damselfly's cloud, I have to shop for less antagonistic stretchwear. I love being an artist.


ruhue said...

oh shit. oh madge.
antagonistic stretchwear.

i look forward to seeing your drawing!

Sam Simpson said...

Oh, you have no idea how antagonistic that stretchwear was...I went out to Macy's the next day to find a swimsuit, and after carefully avoiding the fancy ones that cost a billion dollars I found middle-of-the-line interchangeable tops and bottoms that covered all the ugly parts for...$118. I had a conniption. I spent the rest of the day in a rage trying on every other swimsuit in the state. Finally found one just like the first one, but in the wrong colors and the wrong size for $38. It is now mine own dear swimsuit, and I hate it back.