Tuesday, August 29, 2006

This one's for my sister Chessie

They've named the manatee who swam up to New York Chessie, and she's gone to Cape Cod. They've also discovered a few things about her. Some of them I knew, some but I didn't.

For instance, she's closely related to this guy, which I didn't know.

But she's smarter than people thought, which I did know.

Manatees apparently get a bad rap because they're bulbous and like to bump into things, but that's only because they can't find their glasses. Manatee vision is 20/420. Which is better than mine, uncorrected.

Final line of today's New York Times Article? "They’re too smart to jump through hoops the way those dumb dolphins do."

This picture of a Rock Hyrax might make the family resemblance clearer.

Rock Hyraxes are also called Rock Rabbits, or Dassies. What I want to know is why I'm not already in a band called Rock Hyrax.

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Anonymous said...

i hear we are in a band called rock hyrax, and it RULZ.

xxoo raccoonpower