Friday, July 14, 2006

New Drawings: Blue Jay, Reason & Skeletons

There are a few new drawings on the site. More skeletons and lots more text.

When I made Blue Jay I was thinking about stress. I was wondering if the whole idea that stress causes medical ailments was a translation of the Victorian idea of the body's responsiveness to emotional states. Victorian ladies were always dying of shock, or grief, or fear. There's something consoling about the idea that the body cares what you think, but I'm not sure it does. I tend to think that ones' body acts more like one's car. Breaks down when it wants to, don't forget to check the oil.

But what do I know? I made another drawing with the words "The Plague of Reason" written across the top.

I don't know that you can see much at this size, but there's a larger version here. This piece is called Reason, and it, too deals with a tendency to rationalize random events.

Clearly this has been on my mind recently. But that's what happens when you're drawing a lot of skeletons.

Skeleton Dance.

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Great Work!!!
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