Sunday, July 09, 2006

I'm a FEED.

Do you people all know what RSS is already? Me, I did not. Even though I really should- I'm supposed to be a big geek. So when Ruhue asked me if my new blog could do RSS I got all embarrassed and then went online and figured it out. So now I'm a feed, baby. And if you want to hear my blathering and you have a news aggregator (alligator?), you can subscribe to me. Just like I'm all important and have something up-to-the-minute to say.

Oh my God. I'm so impressed with myself. I'm goona have to find some breaking news around here.

Maybe if I set up a trip wire at the top of the stairs...


ruhue said...

did you know how i'm commenting? !!! i am using your FEED.

Samantha said...

THAT'S SO COOL! I'm not a feeb, I'm a FEED! FEED ME!

Okay, I'm done now.