Saturday, January 17, 2009

Gloria Swanson Leaf

I'm testing a new system of blogging on the go that only lets me post one image at a time- but this is a good one.

It is, as I said, an image of Gloria Swanson carved in to a leaf. I saw it at the Ransom Center at UT Austin, which had a wonderful drawing show up while I was there. This leaf was part of their amazing permanent collection, which includes all kinds of manuscripts and writerly ephemera, such as the ratty old sock that was included in the collection of (I think) Somerset Maugham.

I was in Austin making some prints with the wonderful artists at Slugfest Printmaking Workshop. (They're great. And just because I'm related to them doesn't mean it's not true.) I loved making etchings, but now that I'm back I'm hard at work on a new drawing and a long term project I've been working on- an artists book. I'll post images of the prints and the new drawing when I have them, but expect lots of single-image posts till then.

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