Monday, October 27, 2008

Remember, remember

I'm almost done with a new big piece, but in the meantime, I've finished a small one.

You can see it larger here. I like this piece, but I'm fussing about the title. It's called Remember, remember and I want the title to make it clear that I'm talking to myself, not preaching to anyone else. I'm not sure that title does that, but nothing else is coming to mind. If you have any ideas for titles that DO make that clear, please let me know. Other than Hey Sam, Stop Wishing Your Laziness was Genius And Get to Work, I mean. I've already decided against that one.


Dano MacNamarrah said...


Amazing and lovely work, as usual.

"Note To Self: Remember, Remember..."?

Just a thought. I'm in the throes of a nasty viral infection. Thanks Frank. So, it may be the meds talking!

Love, Dano.

Sam Simpson said...

Thanks, that's a really good idea! Maybe I'll just call it "Note to Self." YAY. And man, I hope you feel better soon! You've had that cold for a while, poor bunny!