Saturday, May 10, 2008

Mommy, smoke me up a case of rabbits!

Say kids, do you wish mommy and daddy would smoke more? Yes, yes you do. Or you would have had you been a kid when these cigarrette cards were around. It's a 52 card deck, so mom and dad had to get smoking if you wanted to play!

All the cards in this series are great. I had to restrain myself from putting in images of all 52, and I'm not kidding about how much I would have tried to compel my relatives to smoke if it meant getting my hands on some of these. You can see the whole set for yourself at the NY Public Library here.

The cigarette people did other games, too. Some of which I might not have killed my parents for. For instance:



Vicki said...

Maybe you could create a series of these for wino moms? Mommy, drink me up a case of badgers!

Sam Simpson said...

Totally! A 52 card deck of drunken badgers1