Wednesday, June 13, 2007


I just finished a new piece, Spring, that is going to be in a summer group show at Gallery Joe. If you're in Philadelphia, stop by the opening on first Friday, July 6th.

Another piece that I've written about on this blog, Possessions, will also be included in the exhibition.

Spring is up on my website here if you want to take a closer look.

I like this piece, not least because I think it includes my best skeleton ever.

Who, incidentally, is getting up to no good with the very same ballpoint pens that I use to make these drawings..

The piece includes references to the stuff that's happening right outside my studio window lately: there are raspberry leaves, morning glories, bees, wasps and irises. This iris lasted for exactly as long as I needed to get it in the drawing.


Mathias said...

What a beautiful, excellent piece. Spring has sprung, enthralled indeed.

Anonymous said...


best. skeleton. ever.

xxoo carolyn

Sam Simpson said...

Thanks! Thanks very much! And aw, shucks, also!

justynh said...

very pretty iris