Thursday, March 09, 2006

Seeing through clouds

Oh, dust. Yesterday it was green, and my studio looked like it was covered in a fine soft moss. Today it's red, and the place looks like I've gone- or am going- to hell.

I mean the dust from my airbrush. It goes everywhere. It's in my eyebrows, on the back of my neck, all through my hair, and part of why my work is so bright is that while I'm painting I'm usually in the middle of a giant cloud of colored dust that I can't quite see through. So I make everything extra bright in order to compensate for how dull everything looks because I work in a super light cloud of colored paint. I'm putting in long days full of massive amounts of ambition, anxiety, and dust. Badger dreams in a colored dust bowl.

The other thing that's funny about this piece is that my studio walls are too small to hang more than one section at once, so I really won't know what the whole thing looks like until I hang it at the airport. I've devised a tricky way to make each piece match up with the next piece, so that's okay, but the overall look of the piece will be a complete surprise.

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